book hoarder

There are stress eaters, weight watchers, smokers, drunkards, writers even sleepers. We all have different ways of dealing with extreme emotions, I’m a reader.


When I’m happy I’d line up my Sophie Kinsella (Madeleine Wickham) and Marian Keyes books, grab some chocolate chip cookies and start reading. When my mood is not at its best, I’ll go for Paolo Coelho, Mitch Albom or Nicholas Sparks. Regardless how the book ends, those reads always make me feel better. Right after exams, when I want to treat myself after a hell-ridden week, I’ll rush to my thriller or paralegal books. Usually, these are John Grisham novels which I’ve probably already memorized after reading them over and over again or Stephen King thrillers that never let me sleep. Then there are my run to books, the ones I read whenever, wherever.  My closest friends know this by heart (my dad does too).  Anne Rice anyone?

The important thing with reading is that you should be willing to try new genres and authors all time, they might surprise you. If you’re not that adventurous, you can try visiting these sites:,,, You can also follow blogs of who those give book reviews, the good ones, here at wordpress (or ask brilliant professors or friends who are wide readers- thanks Sir Gonzaga).  This is how I met Rick Riordan, James Frey and Tom Rachman.


When I frequent book shops, I usually take hours before going to my next stop. Buying books for me is like shopping for clothes for most other chicks my age. That adrenaline rush you get when you see the best displays outside Forever 21 or Zara or Topshop (at least, that’s how Becky Bloomwood puts it), that’s exactly how I feel in a bookstore (disclaimer: I also love clothes and fashion and shopping. I’m normal in some ways too. *winks*).

Reading was my saving grace at one point. It became an escape where I don’t have to please people, finish projects, report to bosses or be perfect. I just had to read.  It takes me to places I’ve always wanted to see but can’t afford to go to no matter how hard I try to pool my resources (yes, I’m talking about Paris- I wanna visit the Louvre).  It allows me to meet people I grow to admire whether they’re real or not. Books offer answers to problems I didn’t even know I had (in light of that I suggest that you read Eat, Pray, Love). It’s a place where I can gather my thoughts, console myself and be okay again– ready for anything.

Some of my friends tell me that reading is not for everybody. There are people who repel books just like I repel technology but trying is not that hard. Right? Right! So the next time you pass by a book store, pick a book, anything that you intuitively gravitate towards. Buy it and read it. The first few pages may be struggle but make an effort to finish it. If you still hate reading by then, I rest my case. But if before you even hit the final chapters you’re already itching to buy a new one, welcome to club. You are now an official bookworm convert!


PS It helps if you share this passion with the people closest to you (in my case my dad and little sister).


It makes hunting down good reads and discussing it after so much more fun. Plus, if you share this with your dad, you won’t find it so hard getting extra cash to buy them. 😉


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