introducing sisters and diaries

Does your little sister annoy you like crazy with her pop culture talk and mean teachers? If they do, I get you. If they don’t, I get that too. 


I have been an only child for 10 years before my darling little (by little, I mean really small) sister joined our family. Like all babies, she’s a bundle of joy but also a red flag for sleepless nights. Not that I woke up to change her diapers but you can really hear her wails from their room. After awhile I got used to it, including the milky smell in the kitchen, the new maid, spilled baby food on the counter tops and my favorite, the goo that comes out after she burps on my books.


When she got older, it became drawings on my notes, stickers on the wall (including our fridge) and cut out colored papers from my file case. Looking back, it gave me a good laugh and I probably pulled a lot mean pranks on her too.


Being sisters, in my opinion, is not about never fighting, never wanting to strangle each other or never having some time apart. It’s knowing that no matter how hard you fight (or how cold you treat each other), you know in your heart and in your gut that you’ll always have each others back (no problem is too petty or difficult).  It’s the urge to always hug out it after you both cool off. It’s the instinct to go and tell her about the boy you like or this girl who never stops poking you in class (ehem! Kayle, am I revealing too much?). It’s the confidence that no matter how big her mouth is she’d never talk about your secrets with someone else. She’ll never want anything to hurt you or make you cry but when you are she’s there to comfort you and eat pints of ice cream with you.

Sisterhood is more than what others see on the surface, it’s a connection only sisters will understand.



Kayle and I have so many differences and we don’t spend every waking moment together but I know that we’ll keep that connection whenever it is, where ever we are. After all, without her I won’t have anyone to watch movies with or hunt down books with or just talk about random geekdom with.

So to relate with all the other sisters out there (and to have something we could do together even if we’re apart), we decided to start a blog- Sisters and Diaries. We’ll talk about our hobbies, what we do together, books we read, movies we watch, our own fashion style, places we’ll go to, pranks we pull on each other, guys we find hot, general rants about each other or our parents and many more.  Find time to visit the site and let’s all celebrate all over the world.


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