my cupcake has paper in it

I went out with my family last February 14th. We had dinner, like we always do, at my dad’s favorite resto. I devoted the next hour munching on almost everything on the table. There’s nothing like pigging out to celebrate a single relationship status on Valentines Day. LOL!

A few minutes after they cleared our table for dessert, I was handed a really cute cupcake by one of the waiters. Thinking it was something mom or dad ordered, I took a small bite only to later realize that there was paper in it. I was about to ask the manager (who happens to be dad’s friend) why they would put paper in a dessert (yes, not on it or beside it, IN IT) when I noticed that something was written on the piece of paper.


Instead of fortune cookies, I got a quote hidden inside my cupcake. I almost ate it. 

That gave me a good laugh. I spent the rest of the night reading others peoples quotes reminding myself that these random things are what life is all about.


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