Little Bows Kindergarten was a lovely preschool center located at the corner of Pinecrest Road. It had only 4 not so big classrooms and a pretty little garden situated at the back of the center. Though small, many children in the area usually went there for school, including two lovelies, Cassie and John.

Cassie and John were the best of friends ever since their first words. Their families were really close to each other, and so were the two. They were barely inseparable. They loved to play in each other’s backyards with her dolls and his toy cars, even though it was quite embarassing for a boy to play with Barbies. They were always sticking up for one another.

Now, it all starts on a bright Tuesday morning, in a small blue classroom with twenty students and a teacher.

Teacher Anne :  Okay boys and girls! Alison would give you all coloring sheets. Now I want you all to color the picture with only one color. And that is you favorite one.

Everyone cheered in excitement.

Teacher Anne :  Now, I just want to remind each one of you that to get your crayon, you need to fall in line properly. We don’t want another bruise now do we, Cherry?

Cherry : No. That hurt a lot, Teacher Anne. I don’t want it to happen again!

Teacher Anne : Exactly. Now when I ring the bell, everyone can fall in line and get their crayons from the two boxes.

When the teacher rang the bell, the pupils scurried to the shelves where two boxes of crayons lay. There were enough for everyone since one box already contained ten crayons. The children hurriedly fell in line, making sure their favorite colors weren’t picked yet.

Unfortunately Cassie and John were the last of people to fall in line. While everyone else had their crayons, the two stood in front of the boxes waiting for Lucy and Julie, the twins, who were fighting over which one could get the last pink crayon.

Lucy : But I want pink!

Julie : Well it looks better on my paper!

Lucy : No! It looks better on mine!

Julie : No mine!

Lucy : Mine!

Julie : Mine!

Alison : Whoa! What’s going on here?

Lucy : Julie doesn’t want to give me the pink crayon, Ate Alison. She’s so mean!

Julie : Am not!

Lucy : You are!

Julie : Am not!

Alison : Girls, settle down. I got an idea. Julie, why don’t you get the red one? Remember when you told the class how red is a beautiful color and how it matches your brown hair? It would look perfect. Besides, its almost the same with pink.

Julie : Wow. I never thought of it that way. Well, in that case, I’ll get the red crayon.

Lucy : Thanks Ate Alison! You’re the best!

When Julie and Lucy’s dilemma were taken care of, Ate Alison turned her heel and walked away to check on the other pupils.

While the teacher and Alison were busy, Cassie and John stood beside the box of crayons. They were surprised to see only two crayons available:

blue one and a black one.

John :  I’ll have the black one!

Cassie :  John, really, the black crayon? I thought you and I loved blue?

John :  Well, I love black too.

Cassie : Okay then. I guess we both have our favorites. Blue for me and black for you.

John :  Yup. Lucky we didn’t end up like the Owens twins.

Cassie : True. Now come on John! Let’s color the drawings before we’re too late.

The two best friends had a really fun tim with their crayons. They laughed at how everything turned out. John’s worksheet, who had Pluto (Mickey’s dog), had all been filled in with the shade of black. Cassie said that it looked like one of those old Mickey Mouse episodes she watches where everything was black and white. She complimented him on how black was a great color, even though a lot of people don’t really mind it.

Honestly, John hated black but he will never tell Cassie that. Nor will he say what he did to see her beaming smile.


Authors’ Note : This is a collaboration piece between my sister, Kayle and I. This is the first time I’m publishing my work so please don’t hate. We would love your comments though. Crayons is also available at this link:

Thanks so much!

PS My sister thinks I should type in how you shouldn’t copy our work mostly because she put in a lot of work in it but partly because we want the credit (or discredit). LOL. If you’re copying, mention us as your source and we’re all good.

PSS That goes for the photo covers too. My sister will KILL YOU. Trust me, she will.

PSSS Ha-ha. I’m just trying to annoy you.


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