Superman by Joe Brooks

SUPERMAN by Joe Brooks

There are no words
To paint a picture of you, girl
Your eyes, those curves
It’s like you’re from some other world
You walk my way

Oh God, it’s so frustrating
So while I disappear when you come near
It makes me feel so small while I blow my lines
Most every time, like I got no chance at all

If I could be a superman
I’d fly you to the stars and back again
‘Cause every time you touch my hand
And feel my powers running through your veins

But I can only write this song
And tell you that I’m not that strong
‘Cause I’m no superman
I hope you like me as I am

It ain’t no lie I have to tell you how I feel
Each time I try
It gets a little more unreal
You walk my way

Oh God, it’s so frustrating so while I disappear
When you come near, it makes me feel so small
If I could reach your mind
Girl, would I find any trace of me at all

If I could be a superman
I’d fly you to the stars and back again
‘Cause every time you touch my hand
And feel my powers running through your veins

But I can only write this song
And tell you that I’m not that strong
‘Cause I’m no superman
I hope you like me as I am

If I could be a superman
I’d fly you to the stars and back again
‘Cause every time you touch my hand
And feel my powers running through your veins

But I can only write this song
And tell you that I’m not that strong
‘Cause I’m no superman
I hope you like me as I am

*After Cody, a really good friend with an amazing musical talent, suggested I listen to this song, it never left my playlist. Who wouldn’t enjoy a song about vulnerability and the hope for acceptance? I know did. I even tried playing it on my guitar. I’m not that good but I enjoyed learning this song. 🙂

here’s to GAY RIGHTS


Ad by Stonewall, a gay rights campaign group

I am not shy nor reluctant about my stand on gay rights. I believe that respect is due to this sector as they pursue and demand for the rights they so rightfully deserve.

Most critics would say that destruction of traditional morals start when we accept changes that do not agree with the norm. I do think, however, that we, as rational human beings, should be capable of assessing which of these beliefs are worth keeping and which are fossilized errors worth reviewing. Once, women were accorded with much lesser rights than men. This fosters the then accepted patriarchal idealism. Men are better. Men rule. Men are important therefore we women have no say in matters that are as important as men. We can’t vote, have political inclinations, be sexually satisfied or be powerful in the workplace as these offend the rights and in my opinion the ego  of pre-gender equality men.

Gay rights are human rights.

Today, we support feminism and its consequences like affirmative action in the workplace and shared responsibilities at home. Society accepts that although men and women have different niches and functions in the society, they are to be considered equal and therefore, awarded the same rights and ability to pursue them. The errors of the past were corrected by a more progressive and open-minded community of individuals who are not afraid of deviating from a set of accepted norms to find better ways of looking at things, ones which are fairer and more respectful of our shared humanity.

The same principle applies to offering the same level of respect for the orientation of our brothers and sisters in the LGBT community. Beliefs and traditions are time-bound and should continue to progress as the humanity that abides by it also progresses. Although I do not wish to offend the traditional moral institutions and lobbyist groups which believe in eternal damnation for this sector, I hope that you recognize that the respect you require of us in terms of honoring tradition is the same respect required of you for the change in society that supports gay rights.

We have seen the effects of bullying gays into becoming something else, not respecting them and stripping them of their rights to be with their partners. It’s never going to get better. The mudslinging and hate will continue unless the we decide that it ends now, unless we promise to foster respect despite our opposing beliefs. We can agree to disagree, refuse each others belief without the hate and obvious disregard for the other’s dignity.

Some people are gay.Get over it. 

As for the population of this world who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual and everything in between, hang in there. Change comes with opposing views, thesis and anti thesis. Sooner than later, more people will realize that you guys, like women, also deserve to be treated respectfully, equally and humanely. Until that time, know that you have at least one supporter right here who promises to press on and support you.

an amazing bookstore find


For the past two years, I have been scavenging for Thomas Keneally’s Schindler’s List. Why I fell in love with stories of the second world war, I’ll blog about at a different time. It’s much too long to for this entry and probably too boring to tell all at once.



So back to my story.

I made my usual weekly trip to a second-hand (or slightly used and less pricey) book shop at a nearby mall. Usually, I’d spend the entire afternoon going through their new inventory and sorting out the books I wanna buy and would hide (Yup, hide! Sorry guys, I’m weak so I hide books I cannot afford.) the ones I’ll buy the week after. That week I bought a couple full-priced Nicholas Sparks books meaning I can’t buy anymore. Sadly, that same week I found a lone copy of Schindler’s List. Just my luck right? I decided to bury it deep in the shelf behind a tall stack of books and buy it the following day. The next day, it was not there anymore. No!

A few months later, I was having lunch with a good friend (one of my closest) and I started talking about how frustrating it is that we were talking about the world war  during debates and I haven’t read the Schindler’s list yet. I told him all about the book I hid and how it disappeared so quickly. Then he asked, “When was this?”. When I answered, he started laughing and then he finally told me that he was the one who found the book and his friend bought it. Seriously?

The happy ending is I finally have my own copy. Dad bought it for me this morning and I am now just resting from having read it the whole day.  Yey! After all that, I finally got my copy.

the ink that revealed me


The concept of a written work is to preserve an age, a feeling, an experience and move readers through it. When a person writes there is an untold story that comes wrapped with the ones which are told, masked by open words are motivations that the writer goes through before inking narratives. Often we do not only meet the characters of fiction or the philosophies of the author but also their deep-seated desires.

When I write I do so aimlessly at first. I write and do not stop until I feel I have exhausted all the words out of my system. I do not try to stop the words from flowing no matter how dissonant they may sound because I want my works to genuinely convey how I feel or think at that moment. Words are the bulldozers that destroy the walls guarding my secrets. I may not reveal them directly but to those who brilliantly read between lines and find the links between my stories and the way I wrote them, you may know me more than half the people I talk to everyday.

Writing is not only liberating it’s also revealing. Imagine writing about that wretched day on your journal, how your car stopped so you had to push it, how the line was too long so you had to wait for an hour to get your sandwich, how there is so much to do so you had to work late to finish everything. When you finish writing it down, you’ll feel less irritated because you were able to put it all out there and let it go. You’re free! But you’ll also see that despite how crappy that day was supposed to be, you pushed through it and never gave up. You found the strength to push your car, the patience to wait in line and the dedication to go over and beyond for your job. That’s a revelation of your character. You may not notice it but your works reveal a part of you that you may not intend to show.

more books

When I wake up in the morning, my books are neatly stacked on the shelf right beside my bed. With the exception of the one I read right before I fell asleep, I make sure every single one is in order.


Promising right? YEY me!

Don’t get your hopes up, this how it looks like tonight.


It’s a mess, I know but I just got some new books and I decided to take out the ones I haven’t read yet and those I haven’t gone back to in a while.  I’m sure I’ll finish them in a couple of weeks so I am now hunting down more books to read. Any suggestions?

the universe and I

Even before Paolo Coelho’s The Alchemist, I’ve heard many say that if something is yours the universe will conspire to give it to you. If that’s true then does the inverse of it also speak of the truth? If you’re not meant to be something, be with someone or travel somewhere, will the universe also work its magic for it not to happen?

Other than giving up to the forces which we cannot explain, there are 2 other ways to look at it.

If giving up was always an option, you won't have a life left to live.

If giving up was always an option, you won’t have a life left to live.

I can stand up and fight harder than everyone else to get what I want. Prove the universe wrong and persuade it to write me a different story or at least cut me some slack. Proving we deserve something is like exercise in the morning. It’s a painful habit to start and you may wiggle your way out of it for the first few weeks but if you’re determined to be healthier, you will work harder and stick to it. You are fully aware that the best option is the one you chose no matter how difficult the path may be and it will pay off.   The pounds will be shed and the toned body will be revealed. You’ll be proud you stuck with it despite the difficulty.


I’ll take a hint and I’ll let life take me to where I’m supposed to go. Sooner or later I will find what it is that the universe is directing me toward. Maybe it’s not the corner office with a view, a new house in the suburbs, that perfect hot neighbor I’ve been eyeing but there is something that is reserved just for me. For the most part, we get so engrossed with our goals we forget why we have them to begin with. Why do I want that raise? Why do I want a new car? Why do I want fame and fans and glamour? Why do I keep a checklist of the perfect guy, the perfect kids and the perfect house? We have to slow down and listen. Listen to the universe and its hints and shoves towards the right direction because this may just be the world echoing what our inner voice has been telling us all along. We were just too busy to pay attention.

Listen or defy the universe, up to you. JUST TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH and find you happiness.

Listen or defy the universe, up to you. JUST TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH and find your happiness.

what I really meant

When I said I wanted to watch shooting stars race to fall,

I meant I hope I could wish on one so I could have you.

When I said I’d be adventurous enough to try bungee jumping,

I meant I won’t be scared if I’d do it with you.

When I asked you to drive around with me for hours,

I meant I really wanna spend time with you, just you.

When I told you my favorite song,

I meant I wish you’d sing it for me.

When I shared how embarrassing it would be to dance in front of a crowd,

I meant dance with me and I won’t even notice them.

When I opened up to you,

I meant I trust you. Please trust me too.

When I whispered to you that I’ve been hurt a lot.

I meant I hope you won’t.