pigging out the Filipino way

When travelling to the Philippines, the first thing you have to check out is the food. As Anthony Bourdain puts it, Filipino food is distinct, tasty and filling. Although there are a lot of noted fine dine restaurants in the country which offer delicious food and scenic ambiance (I’ll blog about them later as I know a lot. Remember my food obsession?) I’d like to recommend the famous street food you can get for very low prices at the nearest parks in any metro. These tasty treats come with amazing life stories from Manong and Ate (the ones who sell and own the stand).

LP- isaw

“Isaw” is chicken intestine on a skewer.

LP- street food

On the right are chicken feet, “Adidas” in Filipino slang, cooked over charcoal for an authentic smoked taste.


The most popular Filipino street food is “Balut“. It’s fermented duck (sometimes chicken)fetus unhatched and served still in the egg. Usually, it’s eaten with vinegar and salt (and eyes closed).


Thanks to Elpee Abias for the pictures he let me use for my blog. You can check out his other photos at or


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