On Beauty Pageants

To say I cringed every time the contestants try to muster up a response is an understatement. At first, it was funny because the crowd cheering and people throwing questions at you can be rattling and the best you can do is calm yourself down and laugh at your own mistakes but as it progressed the answers just got worse. Bb. Plipinas and any pageant for that matter is a platform to elevate not only ones self but what you represent. With those answers, it’s like saying that the country represents beauty but not wit. It’s a 2 hour marquee saying we support what’s superficial, what’s physical and ignore what’s intellectual.

The questions were current and personal. They do not require a masters degree from the fanciest universities to at least solicit a decent response. I felt obligated to rant because for as long as I remember I have been defending pageants as a legitimate avenue to embody empowerment, bearing and class. This is where¬†we portray role models who are yes, beautiful but are intelligent and opinionated as well, to the rest the Philippine populace and later on to the world. How could we do that when my twelve year old sister tweeted about having the applicants play “Who’s Smarter Than a 5th Grader?” before they qualify for the pageant. The pageant shouldn’t be the center of mockery because it’s degrading not only to the contestants, who obviously also did their best, but also the audience who make fun of other slip-ups. It shouldn’t be that way but it is because it really was a disappointing sight.


Nevertheless, all the criticism should encourage the winners and all the other contestants to work on what they know they lack.


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