my childhood resto: Naga Garden


yummy food and a cozy little nook for 40 years- Naga Garden Restaurant.

A  couple of days ago we had dinner at this old restaurant, Naga Garden, in my hometown. I remember my parents scrambling to buy toasted siopao (bread stuffed with pork and a quarter of an egg) to take to my grandparents when I was younger. Buying pasalubong or a little trinket when visiting someone is a common practice here in the Philippines and in my family especially so I still distinctly remember walking into the restaurant almost every weekend.

Aside from a paint job and some new chairs, everything is pretty much the same. It’s the same lady who greets you with a smile by the counter, the same waiters (with the exception of a few of course), the same menu, the same recipe, the same homey feel you get when you walk in the door until you finish your meal.

yummy toasted siopao

yummy toasted siopao


You should have seen me gorge on all of them. 🙂

Although there are a lot of newer restaurants offering similar food at probably a more intimidating ambiance (and price, ehem!), nothing beats the hearty feeling I get when I sit down on one of those chairs just like I used to when I was 6 or 7, with pig tails and in a princess dress. 


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