pains and gains

We say that a different perspective makes all the difference or that tomorrow will be better. Okay, so what perspective should I take if my best friend for example is diagnosed with a rare disease and declared to only have a month to live? Do I take the God-is-great-because-it-was-not-me  angle or say thanks because at least I get to say good bye? How should I prepare? Should I spend every day with him or act as if nothing dreadful is gonna happen soon? Do I act hopeful or realistic?

Either way, it’s still painful and difficult. It will still break your heart a thousand times over and no amount of preparing will ever make it okay. That’s probably why I hate it when people tell me everything’s gonna be brighter and better in the morning, when it’s all over. I shouldn’t worry about what’s happening and just forget about it. It downplays the power of decisions we make during the tough times of our life and exaggerates on the promise of a better day. If we do not learn and mature during these times, if we don’t live in the now no matter how tough it is, we will never grow. We will never see tomorrow as bright as when we have endured. People look forward to being okay again they forget that it’s tough times that shape us and make us the people we want to be in the future. It’s okay to get hurt, to feel pain and to relish in it. Agree that it’s difficult.  Don’t deny it. Don’t pretend that you didn’t have a tough time.

Tomorrow is great but it is only as great as how much endure and overcome today. Don’t let the promise of tomorrow excuse you from being complacent towards dealing with your pains today.


5 thoughts on “pains and gains

  1. ichi009 says:

    I once read something from my sister’s letters (yep, I was digging) which has something that goes like this:
    “I don’t want to tell you that everything is gonna be better tomorrow for it wouldn’t. Storms will come after hurricanes. And after that, floods will be everywhere drowning you with all the possible issues there can be. I wouldn’t be better. But it’s in these worst situations that we become better and stronger.”

    It’s very fitting to your post. Just sharing. 🙂

    • passporttorainbows says:

      (On digging) Not to worry, I do that myself. I once found my sister’s bucket list on top of our shelf. I kept it and I’m currently crafting ways on how I could help her tick off every item on the list. haha

      (On the quote) It’s nice. I’ll use it on my next entry for this topic, if you don’t mind of course.

  2. amen to that arcci 🙂 for guys like me, the promise of another day may or may not sound bring hope, cause we might only have today. so no matter how painful it might be, we have to live like its the last. make the most out of it, and it tomorrow comes, we’d have a ‘yesterday’ that has taught us well, taught us to be stronger – and yes,inspired us to face yet another day.

    its not the promise of the future that should inspire us, its the pains of the past we have endured.

    • passporttorainbows says:

      Confession: I was thinking about you the whole time I was writing it. You inspired me to live my days to fullest and to actually ENJOY regardless of the many expectations people have of me.

      You always remind me to unleash my inner crazy and just be happy because today may be my last chance.

      Hay B, I think you should be a motivational speaker. You’d be great.

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