the writer in me

I fell in love with writing at very young age.

You see I was a very happy kid and I’ve learned that when I wasn’t, everyone was worried so I’d write all my troubles away until they were all gone, until even the slightest trace has left me.

At 21, I feel like 1/2 of a 50 year old married couple rekindling the passion lost and rediscovering what once was. Like most writers who lost their way, I drowned in all of the works which I wrote because I have to not because I love to. My ink penned the obligations, requirements and expectations from college, work and every other hectic thing I allowed to crowd my life.

Gone was the excited, giddy little kid who would jump around after writing a piece. I was no longer that proud 5 year old who made her own paper back covers, almost got stapled trying to make her so called book look like the ones she’s read.

I miss that feeling of accomplishment and joy so I promised myself on new year that I’d write again, FOR ME. 

So here I am, writing my way to a new blog hoping my readers don’t make the same mistake I did. Don’t lose the passion for writing, not to conform, not to earn, not for anything. Trust me, it’s not worth it.


Blogger’s Note: I’d like to thank one of my followers, who also happens to be my father, for graciously advertising my poems on his new photo blog I haven’t written one in a while and the positive comments from his writer and professor friends have been great. Thanks guys!

Second note, I’ll be reblogging the poems along with the photos to this site too.


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