because it hurts enough

I can’t say that I’ve had the worst life, not even a bad one but I’ve been through enough to say that my character and strength have been tested more than I expected life would.

I am strong. I was always told that so I started believing it, embodying it and living up to it like a label that stuck. Because people already had their minds made up that I can handle a lot of crap, they think I’d stand there and let them just throw random shit  ( excuse my French)  about me that they know are not true or they fully know I don’t deserve. Sorry to burst your bubble honey but my strength does not interfere with my intellect.


That’s us, goofy as always. We took this a few days back after a marathon of mega cheesy movies.

(Those were my thoughts after this strange banter with my sister who just shut the door in my face. ) 

HER: Does it hurt a lot?

ME:  It hurts enough. 

Often, we hold on to things which are not working, relationships that are already broken and people who repeatedly hurt us because we think it proves strength or shows resilience. The common belief is fix what’s broken or hurt until it hurts no more. You don’t have to follow that logic. The license to give up, let go, walk away, move on or fight back is not exclusive to those who are hurting the worst.

It’s not a sign of strength that you wait til your breaking point to do what best cures your pain. When it hurts, that’s enough.


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