my last day on earth

The humidity in this country is beyond bearable. I found myself waking up in the middle of night, running to bathroom and taking a quick shower just to get through the next few hours without having a heat stroke.

The only upside to that delirious experience is I get to watch the movie 2012 while waiting for my hair to dry then go back to sleep.

A few years back when the movie premiered the lines outside the movie houses were so long you’d think the mall was giving away free food. I watched it on the 3rd weekend it was showing because I never had the patience to line up for over an hour just to watch a movie that will depress me and send me into another nerdy quest to confirm the facts in it (which I do a lot by the way).

Taking into account the rants of the Peruvian Government, the veracity of scientific theories and the debates on its validity, I thought it was a good movie. It was a very human journey. It shows how we deal with an inevitable loss in personal and social way. What do I do when I know the world is going to end? How do I spend my last day?

*still musing over this question for days now…

**By the way, this post was sitting on my drafts pile for days now. I decided to resurrect it and post it today.


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