she’s come undone


by Wally Lamb

This coming of age story spans 3 decades and delves bluntly into the self-image, depression and complex family issues that destroy then mend a once 13- year old kid. It starts with Dolores’ less than ideal family set-up, a divorce that forced her parents apart and distanced her from a father she was very close with.

Her mom dragged her to live with her grandmother who is excessively conservative and difficult to please. She shuts the world out even more and begins her struggle with weight and confidence. She clings onto any semblance of hope and promise of love which she abandoned when she was raped by her mom’s lover.

For the next 20 years, she fought to change who she thought she was without ever accepting who she is, how strong she is. Dolores wound up a marrying a guy that was far from ideal, a guy who forced her to abort their own child, a guy who brought back all her suppressed insecurities and a guy who cheated on her repeatedly. She never complained because she never realized she deserved more. They finally decide to separate after all the infidelity and abuse.

Dolores moves back to her grandmothers house who has now passed on. There she decides to confront her demons and finally focus on loving herself. All those years of struggles and pain end in Dolores going back to school, meeting someone and finally finding the courage to love herself.

Dolores Price reminds me of the who I was, defensive and dubious of people’s intentions, incapable of allowing myself to want the greater things in life because I don’t think I deserve them . The story is narrated by Dolores making each word personal and revealing. It would seem like she’s  stripping herself in front of you through every chapter. The humanity of the work allowed me, and hopefully other readers, to journey with her and identify with those turning points in her life.

*I don’t usually write reviews of books but this one in particular I thought would be fun to share. If you like stories which relatable and very engaging, you’ll love this one a lot.


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