new wish on a star: a romantic meet cute

Just walkin’ around the alley
to see all the beauty around me.
I’ve been to many places
to find me some solace.
Then I took one glance.
It stopped me and caught my attention
and then you looked at me
I felt my knees weaken.

(lyrics from MYMP’s So Perfect)

When I was a senior in high school that song became so popular with our batch. I remember humming to it as I commute to school every morning. It vividly describes every teen’s (often adults too) ideal meet cute, bees knees, love at first sight romance. It’s that moment when you sit by yourself at a coffee shop and someone asks to sit with you as there are no more tables or that day in the library when your books are stacked way over your head and you bump into that perfect guy. *cue the awwwws here*

I’m not one who advocates for it but I’d like to think I’m romantic enough to experience that at least once in my life. Is that too much to ask? Arrows of Cupid, this rational, driven, often too obsessive compulsive girl wants your potion just this once.


2 thoughts on “new wish on a star: a romantic meet cute

    • passporttorainbows says:

      It’s a local band. They used to be very popular here. I’d like to read of those moments on your blog too. 😛

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