what it takes to live

I woke up thinking and feeling very different this morning. It might be because I woke up to Imagine Dragons playing on my phone or maybe it’s because my room reeks of coffee and garlic from the fried rice for breakfast. It’s a good day.

For the first time in years, I am happy.

Sometimes we worry too much about where we wanna be, we totally forget where we are. That’s a pity because there’s so much to celebrate today. Small victories that make us who we are, make us happier and stronger. No matter how bright and promising the future may be there’s joy in getting there. As the movie Letter’s to Juliet put it ‘Life is the messy bits.’

So my advice, enjoy working your ass off. Savor the small salary and those tangy canned meals. Live for the commutes and the heavy lifting. Trust me, you’ll miss that.

Love life, live it.


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