starting right

Starting right may mean completely different things for different people.

Some would work hard for a clean slate, one where mistakes are wiped clean. Others may see it as an opportunity to run, be free and not worry about who they were and what lives they’ve lived so far. I know of a friend who relied on a makeover, the transformation of the outside to force the inside to follow suit.

I am none of those, or maybe a little of each depending on what I’m trying to end. That’s really tricky, you see. Starting right means ending something else right too.

In my case, starting right is about finding the strength to accept what had to end. It may be a friendship that’s toxic, a commitment that’s draining or a version of me that is just nothing but miserable.

The courage that you get to move forward is a consequence of that choice to be at ease and to understand what cannot be changed.


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