so stereotypical


hot cheerleading blonde

toned, jerk of a guy jock

stuttering dork

fiery, all hell will break lose redhead

self righteous honor student

save the world humanitarian

leather jacket wearing bad boy

Why have we allowed the world to brand us? Put us into cliques and categories, that yes, may in some ways be accurate but in more ways are not. Why can’t the school clown also be the hot jock or the crazy overachiever also the fun party girl? You’re more than one thing and allowing yourself to suppress the diverse parts of your personality is not fair to you or the world deprived of the things you could have done.

I hate that because I’m the someone who reads Plato and obsesses over current events, I’m instantly branded as a geek which I am by the way but that’s not all I am. Sadly, that’s all people wanna hear about because that’s the brand. How often to we hear rumormongers talk about subjects of their conversations as that girl who failed Math, that boy who plays football, the kid with a limp? Really? Of all the facets a person could have, there’s only one that would be his label for the rest of his life.

I know it’s discouraging to be more than the name, the label, the handle but no one is ever just one thing. That’s beauty of being human, we’re so diverse and we have to honor that regardless of what society dictates us to be. I am a rational, book loving, history-obsessed non conformist who also happens to love art and travel and spontaneity. It’s oxymoronic and probably confusing to those who haven’t met me but that’s just who I am.

I’ve lived too long trying to choose one side of me over the other, reeling one in as I explore the other. You shouldn’t have to make that choice so I’m telling you right now, don’t do it. Don’t compromise because your label limits you.


no to stereotype

You are beyond labels and stereotypes.

You’re you.


One thought on “so stereotypical

  1. passporttorainbows says:

    Reblogged this on passport to rainbows and commented:

    A throwback from years past because I feel the need to remind everyone that they’re more than one thing, one label. EMBRACE YOURSELF FULLY FOR ALL THAT YOU ARE- QUIRKY, DIFFERENT AND UNIQUE.

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