when there is no cookie jar

I was never big on sweets which my parents found strange because most kids would fall to the promise of cookies after finishing their homework or ice cream if they promise to clean their room. I was not that kid. Sweets make me feel bloated and uncomfortable so I stay away from them as much as I can.


For most of my friends however, the sight of that cookie jar on top of one of the shelves in the kitchen is a peek into sugarland heaven. It’s the motivation for 2 o’clock naps, baths and organized toy bins. What  a smart way to get kids to do what they never would have done without that image of a jar filled with cookies plastered on their minds. KUDOS MOM AND DAD! ✳wink✳

It got me to thinking. Now that we’re older, what replaced the cookie jar? What’s our motivation to do things, from tasks as menial as eating right to the ones as polarizing as deciding to start your own family or not? Is it security, money, fame, love or legacy?

Whatever it is, the logic is still the same.

Work hard to earn the sweet treat and remind yourself that too much cookies rot you teeth.  

Yet another reminder that what we learned when we were kids are valuable philosophies we should keep.


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