the little things

After my uncle’s wedding, servers started handing out gift bags. Everyone was running around, picking up their things, fixing their hair, getting ready to leave that very few peeked to see what was in it. My 4-year old cousin, being very curious, started opening her gift bag in the middle if the dance floor. We didn’t really mind her until we realized that half the gift bags on our table was opened, very carefully ripped up top and clumsily reattached to appear sealed. There was only one thing missing.

I came up to her and asked, ‘Sam, where are the cupcakes?’

She slowly looked up and said, 

cupcake monster


It made us all laugh so hard we forgot about cleaning up, fixing our dress, finding our missing room key and just focus on what’s left of the night. Every time I look at this picture it reminds me of that night, of that feeling- one of carefree bliss.

We have to enjoy the little things, those unexpected moments in life that make us happy. It doesn’t always have to be grand and big. We don’t always have to rush. If we do, we’ll let moments like this pass us by and that’s honestly too bad.


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