because he’s doing a great job

A good compliment is hard to find these days and that’s just truly upsetting. There are days when I feel that the undertone of people’s conversations is always finding, scavenging even, for the minuscule mistake in the  greatest of actions.

Edited by K. Relloso

Nothing is ever good enough anymore. The singing was too raw or too practiced. The food is too homey and this one is just too innovative. She dresses with so much pastels. She’s so dull. That painting is too obvious. That literature is too intellectual. I see nothing wrong in seeking perfection, in demanding for something better but if that hinders us to from seeing beauty and sincerity then that’s just too much.

It doesn’t make you lesser of a person because you appreciate people and their efforts. It only you means care enough to notice. So today find it in yourself to tell your mom her scrambled eggs are amazing even if they’re not as fluffy as you like them. Tell the bus driver he’s doing a great job. Sing someone a praise every now and then. They deserve it. 


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