when vanity will get you killed

Okay, okay, I get that #selfie is a trend these days but should anyone really be too engrossed as to get killed because of it? The past days my twitter feeds are flooded with pictures of couples in the middle of the street holding hands, all sweet and uncaring of the world around them. They’re happy, that’s great. But let me just remind you guys that whether the shot is brilliant or not is not necessarily the problem of the driver or DRIVERS passing by that lane. It’s a road- FOR CARS.

It was like this

or this

or this

*calming down* Since Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and other social networking and blogging sites have dominated the lives of every netizen *including me*, we’ve seen all kinds of reckless posted online. Pictures and videos of people hanging off a cliff, plopping on the bed head first, racy twerking all over the streets, romantic pictures taken in the middle of nowhere or in the midst of a bustling crowd of people, they’ve all graced our news feed at some point. These are all just expected consequences of having the internet so accessible to half the global population, if not more.

I am in no position, nor do I want to be, to judge what’s ‘too much’, ‘too racy’ or ‘too vain’ because it’s very relative but there are instances that are universally UN*friggin*ACCPETABLE and I think we’re all smart enough to know which ones these are. Like for example, standing in the middle of EDSA (a very congested road) or the national highway without any permit just to take a couple of pictures to post on instagram and hashtag selfie is bollocks. I don’t care which continent you’re from, you don’t do that. You’re gonna get people killed. The moral of this story is to know the limits of your vanity especially if it already affects more than just yourself.


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