Penafrancia Fiesta in Naga City

I was raised by a pious Catholic family, deeply committed to practices and festivities that come with the faith. Many of you guys must have already guessed that my grandparents are still very Hispanic in practice and are therefore very strict in imbibing traditions they grew up with to us, the ‘NEXT GENERATION’. Although I am now more liberal, I am still deeply attached to some of these practices including the one we’re celebrating now, Penafrancia Fiesta. 


Every September, for almost a century now, people have been gathering from all over the world to offer prayers and join the festivities for 9 days in honor of ‘INA’, Mother Mary- as she is better known. More than the long walk, the rain, the multitude of people pushing each other in an attempt to touch Her, it is a spiritual journey and I’ve always found it rejuvenating.

The process may not be for everybody but so far it has worked for me so for anyone who feels lost and would want some time to pray, think or be one with those who are also searching, this may just be what you need.


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