this girl and her ‘boy friends’

Catchy right? *wink*

I’ve been mulling over this entry for awhile since quite frankly, I don’t know what to say. People who just met me often ask me why most my friends are either dudes- really tough, macho men or gay guys- who are fun, quirky and a little crazy. I’d always say, ‘Well, we like the same things.’ Now that I’ve been thinking about it, I actually also like girly stuff. I look forward to shopping trips, check online for trends and purchase women’s magazine when I can but I still seem to find it hard to connect to women my age.

To this day, I have no concrete answer. I have guesses, mostly psychological in nature but here’s what my guy friends think.

Maybe it’s not what I like but how I live.

photo from

photo from

When I like something I say it, I’m not exactly cryptic.

  1. During confrontations, I’m seldom emotional. I rely heavily on reason and don’t involve feelings in how I take in an argument.
  2. I hate crying.
  3. I’m not a big fan of romance. When we watch romcoms, I think they’re sweet but they’re never gonna happen. Real life romance is far to complicated to summarize in 2 hours. Plus I don’t think all successful relationships should end in marriage.
  4. When they ask what an ideal afternoon is, I say one spent in the projects building make shift houses or tutoring kids.
  5. When we talk about where we see each other in 10 years, I say a few steps from the peak of my career and hopefully still travelling the world. I don’t see myself settling in a white picket fence home, with a minivan and 3 kids. That’s great but it’s not for me.

They say that because I think that way, I prioritize things in my life differently. Most of them can identify with that and like that about me. I guess I can see their point. My priorities are more akin to a guy than to a girl my age. Now I don’t know if that’s good or bad but I love being myself and being with my dudes, sloppy mess and all.


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