not just feeling 22

In the words of Taylor Swift (Yeah, yeah, I know I said I don’t listen to pop music that much. My sister loves her though.),

‘I don’t know about you but I’m feelin’ 22.’


When I was younger I always imagined what it would feel like to be older, someone with a job, bills to pay and places to be. I guess this is what it feels like. It’s not much different if you ask me. I walk with older, taller, more complicated-thinking people but the dynamic, it’s the same.

You take their cookie, they either pull your pigtails or tell on you. Try wearing that neon cape to class and everyone laughs at you. Get into a fight and you get some time out. It still sounds familiar, right?

Well today feels like that. I know it’s another year but for some reason I’m that little girl again-giddy because some boy gives her flowers, excited to gorge on fatty fast food, overeager to give her best friend a hug and never forgetting to say thanks for all those who showed they care.

Maybe today isn’t just about growing up. Maybe it’s also about NEVER FORGETTING I  was always amazing- pigtails and all.


I really wanna thank everyone who made the extra effort to make me feel special today. For the flowers, gifts, food, visit, greetings and well wishes, thank you so much. This newly 22-yearl old appreciates it so much.

Flowers may not be my kryptonite, still getting them is flattering.

Flowers may not be my kryptonite, still getting them is flattering.


from me facebook timeline

And Erwin, you should know that you’re the absolute best friend/ big brother anyone could ask for. Love you Kuya!

with kuya

the only one he let me post, due to ‘cough cough’ his stressed physique. haha


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