it’s in the name

The usual ice breaker for many of my first conversations with other people is answering their inquiries on how I got my name. They think having a guy’s name is weird but spelling it in manner that most people from my side of the world can’t pronounce is even weirder.


Unlike many fateful stories of how the were named, mine’s pretty last minute. You see my parents believe that they should wait til I was born to find out whether I was a guy or girl. That would have been okay if they prepared to have either a boy or a girl but they didn’t. In their gut, they were just so sure I was gonna be the second Nikko Paolo in the family. My older brother who had the same name passed away a year before I was born.

When I was finally welcomed into the world my parents started scrambling for a name. I remember dad’s stories of how mom agreed to a name right after her surgery then when she woke up again didn’t like it anymore. She thought it was so lame that I would get picked on in school for having that name. Dad had to get my birth certificate redone, buy books upon books of baby names, bring it back to the hospital and scour those pages for the LUCKY NAME.


Turns out it wasn’t so lucky, mom just couldn’t settle with a name even after 3 hard bound baby name books. I guess out of desperation my dad blurted ‘ARCHIE’ out. It’s a guy’s name- the lead guy from a comic book. He meant it as joke but it stuck so my mom suggested to run with it. A masculine name for their first born girl should portray her as tough and independent. Well, that worked. *claps incessantly*

My mom had this fascination for unique names so she spelled my name differently- after a designer brand she likes, Gucci. She thought it’s the feminine flair that my extremely macho name needed thus my name, ‘ARCCI’ was born.

My name may have been unplanned and so spur-of-the-moment but I actually love it, well the story more than the name. I’m sure all those people I’ve met because of my weird name would agree.


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