right before I sleep

I read somewhere before that the best time to reflect and go over the activities of the day is at that moment when you’re lying in bed, right before you drift to sleep. At that time, you’re relaxed and comfy enough to recall all the BS and stresses of the day without feeling the need to strangle somebody. You can also giggle about that macho man who said hi or take in how sumptuous your lunch was.

photo from biebercrown.tumblr.com

photo from biebercrown.tumblr.com

It says in the article that it’s important to give yourself time to process the things that happened to you during that day. It didn’t say why but here’s MY theory. Often our day to day life is commanded by either reflex, instinctive reactions that we gravitate towards because it’s part of our daily routine or by feelings, sudden bursts of emotions that push us to act a certain way (like how I react when the line at my favorite deli is too long and my lunch break is too short). We need time at the end of our day to think about why we felt certain way, why our response is like that or why we’re attracted to something- or someone. *wink* It helps us makes sense of things we don’t usually think about because we’re  busy doing it, feeling it or being in the moment.

Even before I read the article, I’ve already been doing it. I guess I’m always drawn to introspection and those kind of things. On the upside, I always allot time for myself and I allow myself to revisit events, think about the ones I like and ones I would change if I could. On the downside, well, I usually lay awake for almost an hour before I finally fall asleep.

So hey, even if before-bedtime reflection isn’t for you, try to reflect about life and all those moments every once in a awhile. The experiences that stick might surprise and reveal an interesting side to you that you haven’t yet explored.


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