coming clean

When I was 7, I broke my mom’s vase. A wave of dread washed over me. NO! NOT AGAIN! This keeps happening to me. What should I do? Should I clean it up, hide the evidence and hope she doesn’t notice? Should I pretend I was first on the scene and pray someone else takes the fall for me? Or should I just come clean, admit it and then say sorry?

Well, at 7 I don’t think anybody is a good liar so I didn’t think twice and told the truth. My mom was angry for awhile and I steered clear of her when she was but she got over it. Good for me. (Yey!)

But how about when you’re 22, when the secret is more complicated than a broken vase, should you still come clean and just be honest?

As we get older, we get to see, hear and experience more and more things. Some of them change us and how we respond to situations so our honest litte outbursts when we were 7 may not be the same response we have to current troubling events. We may be more apprehensive to tell the truth. So should we?

Often I end my entries with an answer but this time , I don’t have one. I can only share how difficult it was carrying around a baggage no one else sees but I fully feel. One day I decided to come clean and just be honest, maybe not to every single person I meet but to myself at least. I don’t know if in the long run I’ll regret it but I know right now I feel so much better, lighter, happier.


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