losing my keys


I wish I could say this doesn’t happen to me often but it does. And you know what’s even funnier (or more frustrating, depending on my mood) I find them in the most obvious places. It makes me feel like I wasn’t even looking for them all the hours I was bending over to look under my bed and all over my closet or just maybe the cursed key just doesn’t wanna be found. By the time I finally find it, I’m often unsure how to feel.

Should I jump up and down because I FOUND IT or should I be annoyed because I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN WHERE IT WAS in the first place?

It reminded me of goals we have in life. Often we work so damn hard to find them. We work 12 hours a day instead of 8. Save as much of our salary as we can. Tire ourselves out until we can give or do no more. We become so busy looking for something, for that goal, in all the wrong places (at work, with money, with fake friends) that we lose sight of what’s obvious.

The key is right in front of us, waiting for us to stop looking so hard and just trust that it’s where it’s supposed to be.



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