the fangirl phenomenon


definition from Urban Dictionary

According to the trusty (because every Youtube video explaining something about pop culture seems to refer to this site soooo…) Urban dictionary there are 2 versions of a fangirl, the good one and the bad one but either way, it boils down to an obsession. It seems so stereotypical right? So from one fangirl to another, what does it really mean to be a fan- a dedicated one at that?

Why do most celebrities portray themselves to be relatable and friendly? Well, some of them naturally are but the rest are presented that way because the more people respond and relate to you, the more influential you become. Take for example Glee- the breakthrough series of the underappreciated misfits in high school- it gathered great support because majority of teens feel like they don’t fit in anywhere and they respond to the kind of vulnerability shown in the series. They feel recognized, understood- they’re not alone. For most of us, we see ourselves or maybe even a better version of ourselves in the people we admire.

They represent who we are or who we want to be (and sometimes who we wanna be WITH *wink wink*).

And that feeling- it’s a powerful thing. It draws us to people, stories or groups that fulfill that role and the next thing we know we’re stalking them on twitter, spending 3 months worth of allowance to buy tickets and standing in line just to get their album on the first day.

That’s not to say that fans do go overboard sometimes like stalking their idol’s hotel rooms or stealing their clothes, which freaks me out by the way. There are still boundaries that we have to respect no matter how huge our desire to be closer to our sources of inspiration is.

If we truly admire them enough, we’ll learn to respect them too.

It’s never justifiable to resort to suicide or animal cruelty- as what we often read on Twitter- just because some celebrity refuses to follow you back. First thing to remember, they have so many requests from fans to cater to each and every one and the other thing, they’re not usually the only ones using that account (PR team, anyone?) so don’t feel like it’s the end of the world if they’re oblivious to your existence. That’s just the nature of the fan-idol relationship. I’m not saying don’t go to meet and greets or end all hope of meeting them in person; I’m saying know which lines not to cross.

For those lucky enough to have fans and followers, don’t take it for granted. Other people’s strong belief in you and how they show it may drive you a little crazy sometimes but remember that they go to that extent because you mean so much to them. You inspire them, make them happy and give them something to look forward to.

How many people can say they have posters in houses of people they’ve never even met?

To my fellow fangirls, don’t be so hard yourself. It’s perfectly normal to squeal in delight because the new Mortal Instruments book is about to come out or because your favorite band finally decided to go on a tour. You’re not insane (well…); you’re passionate and overeager. Don’t punish yourself because you find happiness and inspiration in people you’ve never met or don’t have close personal ties with.

If it keeps you pumped, smiling and ready to face the day every morning,

if it inspires you to pursue your dreams and be better everyday,

if it introduces you to friends you share similar hobbies and interests with,

then go continue being a fangirl. THEY MUST BE WORTH IT.


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