them butterflies in my tummy

I’m expecting something good to happen in the next few days (YEY!) but I’m not here to blog about that-  well not yet. Partly because I’m terrified I’ll jinx it and mostly because I still do not know how to write about it. I have to wait for how it will actually happen. Makes sense right? (Please say yes.)

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Tonight I wanna write about that jittery, butterflies in your stomach, almost nauseating feeling you get when you’re anxious or excited or waiting for something really important to happen. Yes, that kind where you just know you can’t keep still- you just have to do a million things a minute. I’m having one such episode right now so I thought the best remedy is to write about it. At least I’m productive.

My dad once told me that usually the things worth doing are the ones that terrify you the most. That’s exactly why you get that uneasy feeling because you know how much you want it, how much it means to you that the thought of having it is enough to drive you insane for a moment (okay, maybe more than a moment *wink*). It doesn’t have to be as big as anticipating the jump before skydiving, sometimes it’s the flutter you get when you do something spontaneous like commute to Mcdonalds at midnight just to get fries with your friends (or cousins *coughs*). 

From my experience, and I’m guessing my dad’s as well, these things that make us feel excited and scared at the same time is what we’ll remember the most.  It’s what life should be- uneasy, messy, risky but absolutely fun (and yes, this is coming from Ms. All-Rational-Plan-Every-Friggin-Thing).

So if you haven’t had butterflies in your stomach for a long time, go find something that’s gonna give you that feeling again- something worth your time of course. Trust me, it’ll be worth it. 🙂


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