an anniversary post

It’s been a year since I first started blogging. YES, one whole year.

If I could tell the year ago me one thing, one advice about blogging, I’d say it gets better. To be completely honest, my first few entries were probably the most difficult to write (if they were as difficult to read- sorry). They weren’t close to argumentative or were well-researched, in fact they were personal experiences I care deeply about like my weight, overcoming self image issues, childhood memories, growing up very independent, friends, losing people I love, sacrifices, social acceptance and so much more.

Writing those entries was grueling but the real challenge was clicking publish. Watching your thoughts, feelings, secrets form words on the screen is one thing. Having someone you’ve probably never met read and judge you for it, that’s an entirely different story. Over time, with the help of your likes and your constructive comments, I got through it. I found enough confidence in myself to keep writing and see this blog through- another achievement (finally sticking to something).

Thanks guys. I owe you big time. 

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A big hug to all those who read, liked, commented, subscribed and followed my blog 



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