OVERweight watchers

Because there are days when I need to remind myself… What better way to reinforce your self worth than through your own words?


Non-tech-literate people raise your hands. *me, raising one hand very slowly while continuing to type with the other* I’m one of those people who are not naturally gifted with the talent to manipulate any form of technology, I’m just not that girl. Lately, however, I’ve been making an effort to maintain a stable relationship with my laptop and my online networks (sounds so much like the speech I gave my ex). It’s rough but I’m getting there. To keep up with that, I see to it that I check my mail daily and clean up my gmail and ymail accounts once every 2 months. Look what I found.


I have hundreds of mails from Joey Atlas, a guy telling me to lose weight. I don’t even remember when or if I subscribed to Joey’s website. He seems pretty adamant that I lose all the EXTRA- I have lots-…

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