perfection is boring

Huh! Got your attention right? After all, who in the right mind wouldn’t aspire for perfect but let me just get this out. I’ve been going through thousands of tweets, tumblr posts and facebook notifications in the last few days and they all harp a similar thought- it’s tiring, almost consuming trying to be perfect.

It’s frustrating because perfection is a moving target and often it’s one that others dictate. We all know the truth. There is no objective perfection because no one will agree with a specific set of standards to assess it and even if they do at one time, it changes too quickly to matter. So why do we aspire for it, to be it?

What does perfection offer that’s so appealing that we’re willing to change so much of ourselves and give so much of what usually makes us happy just to embody it?

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Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to be better, wanting to please others. It’s human nature- we’re built to wanna interact with others and the best way to do that is to have them like us thus the constant pursuit of being everyone’s idea of  likable. Have you ever considered though that people who expect you to be perfect, to never commit mistakes- they too are dictated by somebody else’s idea of perfect? Those that dictate them also adhere to somebody else’s standard. In the end, perfection- especially with people- is nothing but a cycle of standards that although it wasn’t designed to, pressures us to be the best version of a non existent human being.

So here’s my take on it, you can wear yourself out trying to achieve a goal that is impossible but more importantly hollow or you can accept your unique, possibly not everybody’s idea of a perfect self. You can finally work on being the best you, no matter how eccentric and different rather than being the best somebody else. Makes sense?


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