paperbacks for the laid back

And yes, it’s the cheesiest, most unoriginal title anyone in the history of blogging has ever come up with and it doesn’t even rhyme but that’s what happens if you insist on blogging past midnight. I was just a bit excited to put this up so I thought I’d do it now. I’ll be listing book recommendations for bookworms like me since I’ve been getting a few requests. This aren’t necessarily the newest books but I’ve read them recently and liked them or would wanna read them soon.

1. Faults In Our Stars by John Green 

-By the way, the trailer for this book’s movie franchise was just released a week or 2 weeks ago and it has had really good feedback. My suggestion, grab a copy now before the movie gets released.

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2. Revenge Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger

3. Family Life by Akhil Sharma

-13 year in the making, this book is a bit of a heavy read so prep your tissues in advance.

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4. Lost for Words by Edward St. Aubyn

– For people like me who obsess over literary prize winners, this will be an enticing read but even for those who aren’t as acquainted, this will describe what goes on in the world of literary writing and recognition with enough humor and wit.

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5. Divergent by Veronica Roth

-This is the first installment to Roth’s trilogy. The general feel of the book may remind you of the popular dystopian book series Hunger Games or Maze Runner but this book has it’s own merits which you’ll definitely find out when you start flipping through the pages.


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