when you just don’t like the same things

Have you ever been in a relationship where you seem to like very different things but you’re sure you both still want it to work? It doesn’t have to be the romantic kind where your boyfriend wants to stay home and play Call of Duty all day despite your insistence that he accompany you to the mall because there’s a huge sale happening. But if that’s your case, it works too. Well, my dilemma is a bit less dramatic but not as easily rid of as breaking up with the guy because you clearly have nothing in common.

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What if it’s family? Surely, you can’t stop talking to your mom because she loves fashion and you don’t or you can’t really ignore your dad because every time he asks you to go fishing all you can think of is fish guts spilling all over you. How about if it’s a childhood friend who you want to keep because of everything you’ve been through but you can’t seem to find a common ground anymore? She likes parties and bars and spontaneous moments of craziness while your more laid back, stay-in-the-coffee-shop kinda gal. What do you do then?

How do you save that kind of relationship when the things that they wanna do bore the hell out of you and vice versa? 

Okay, so I’ve been in many situations like this and my first rule is to always try. As long as it isn’t anything illegal or immoral, I’ll try. My other go-to solution is get them to try what you love. They might actually enjoy it so problem solved. But what do you do when neither of them work? Do you pretend that you like whatever it is that they insist you do together and hope that maybe one day you’ll grow to love it? Or do you decide to go your separate ways because you can’t seem to agree on anything anyway?

When you agree to disagree on almost everything, will a relationship still work?


2 thoughts on “when you just don’t like the same things

  1. In my opinion, finding your other half should be more like finding the right puzzle piece, or magnets. That the reason you guys attract is because you’re different. Those who have the same interests as you, they’re more friends than anything. You two can be at extreme opposites to keep the balance, like maybe he’s a partier and you’re not, then he’ll enjoy your company more when he comes home tired and just want to chill. They say don’t ruin relationships over little things, these interests and hobbies are little things. Loyalty and trust and such, are not.

    • passporttorainbows says:

      Thanks for commenting BTW. 🙂

      I personally don’t believe puzzle-fitting, you-complete-me kind of romantic love because that just implies that you had a missing piece before the other person filled it in but I do understand the whole opposite attraction theory though. That part makes sense. I probably just had isolated bad experiences with them so I am a bit apprehensive.

      Like you, I also don’t think little things should get in the way of relationships until they accumulate and become a big issue especially if those hobbies and interests form your lifestyle and you see it shaping the rest of your life. It will become the basis of loyalty, respect and common ground.

      I enjoyed reading your comment and have really thought through it. Thanks for the clarity. 🙂

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