EMMA IS A FREE WOMAN (free from homework that is)

On a happier note…

I owe you another entry for not having uploaded anything yesterday or the day before that which you’ll be happy to know is because I’m hard at work reworking some chapters of a book I’m writing. *applause* Okay the applause was too much but I’m really proud of what I’ve done so far and that’s partly because I’ve been getting so much advice from everyone here. For that, THANKS A BUNCH.

but back to the topic of this entry.

Emma Watson, who happens to be one of my absolute favorite actresses, has graduated from Brown  University, a prominent Ivy League school. I know this isn’t exactly a gossip column to be posting about the latest happenings in the crazy but strangely very entertaining life of the the rich and famous but I am a huge fan of Emma and I did promise that this blog would be dedicated to everything that makes me happy or get to being happy so there it is. Besides, she is Hermione Granger after all so I get a free pass for fangirling all over the place.

I’m just really pleased that as much as Hermione is a symbol of diligence and the value studying and learning, so is Emma. A lot of kids these days need that kind role model who does prioritize education even in the face of work opportunities and fame. It shows them that YOU HAVE A CHOICE. YOU CAN BE WHO YOU WANT AND YOU CAN DO WHAT EVER YOU SET YOUR MIND TO EVEN IF IT’S NOT EXPECTED. It’s very non cookie cutter of her to pursue her education despite her career and I think that’s one good thing to learn.





and yes, very smart,



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