mood playlist: 6 am to 1 am

I’ve been listening to a lot of playlists lately mostly those put together by avid fans for books or movies without OSTs on If you’re not familiar with the site but you’re open and willing to try new songs that are more obscure or thematic, then I suggest you try and explore it and see if you might like how they present music. I know I do.

That actually got me to thinking about writing a playlist entry instead of just one song. Playlists are often more dynamic and revealing. If you look into what I listen to in day, you’ll probably see that I’m not all indie music. Actually, I’ve been listening to a lot of mainstream singers these days and they’re not all corporate sell outs like most other indie music bloggers paint them to be. I should know, I used to be one of them. I get the drift though, some of them compromise on the art to be more relatable. I guess that’s a choice but I don’t think we should generalize all mainstream music to be bad or all indie music to be rough or unpolished. Give all sorts of music a chance. Give this playlist a chance.

am i wrong by nico & vinz: a lively pick-me-up song that also doubles as my alarm

budapest by george ezra: still lively enough but it soothes the upcoming that I almost always have from waking up too early and sleeping too late (Bad lifestyle choices, I know. I’m working on it.) the lyrics are adorable by the way.

sugar by maroon 5: is the song i perform for my fans in the shower (Don’t act like you never do it.)

take me to church by hozier: i can’t listen to anything too upbeat because i start bobbing my head up and down, bad idea for the commute. although i still opt for the louder songs with really good lyrics so i can focus on it instead of the honking and the endless congestion.


wasted love by matt mcandrew

one by ed sheeran:perfect for dinner with your hubby or just you celebrating a good meal with wine and  good music

pins and needles by matt mcandrew


bumper cars by alex and sierra

i wanna get better by bleachers: and then finally, what i listen to right before bed. they’re a mixture of soothing acoustic and songs with lyrics i really like.

riptide by vance joy

at home by crystal fighters


another love by tom odell

So that’s my day to night playlist. I obviously listen to a lot of other songs (which is probably not very good for my eardrums), these are just the more mainstream ones that I’ve been going back to for the last few months for some reason. Tell me what you guys think and if you have any song suggestions, I’d love to hear them.


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