just for some structure

I’ve been thinking of a way to reorganize my blog for AWHILE and by awhile I mean the last few months I’ve actually been off it. I get those strange flashes of mild OCD and often it bugs because it’s paralyzing. I feel like I couldn’t move or accomplish anything else unless I deal with those minute details that bug me so much. It’s like having a gum stuck to your shoe, most people don’t notice it but I could feel it subtly nagging me every step I take so I end up seated in a park bench somewhere desperately trying to remove it.

Yes, I’m one of those people.

So I decided I wanna have some structure for this blog, not too much as I still wanna post my unpopular opinion rants on here which by the way was the reason I started this blog. That’s still my main focus, discussing social issues from the perspective of someone whose stance is both logical and attached. I may get emotional on these sometimes but that’s just because I feel strongly about some topics like gay rights, depression, bullying, self image issues and other sociopolitical topics.

In addition to my usual rants, I wanna introduce you to the geek that’s me as well. I’ve said a million times on here how big of a bookworm I am. I don’t even mind people calling me a geek or a dork or even a nerd. I wave that flag proudly. I’ll be posting on

stacked: book recos (paperbacks and wattpad finds) and comic book updates

couch potato: movies to watch out for with their handy trailers, movies I just watched with my idea of a review and tv series I’ve recently been obsessed with

#teaminternet: as the name already suggests, just some random, really talented people I found off the internet like youtube, vine, wordpress, IG, twitter and facebook

and the rest will be random dorky posts like always.

This year is also my bucket list year, meaning a lot of travelling. I thought it would be fun to post snippets about it. Just some places to see and things to try when you’re trekking that part of the globe. Maybe even posts on the best deals for hotels, rides and restos. These will all be on the gypsy tab, that’s the category under my home page. If you love exploring, definitely check it out.

Then there’s my occasional instagram-worthy photos and spur of the moment poetry, they will still be on the ARTsy tab. They’re not Picasso but if you like art with a quirk then you just may like what I do.

I think that’s about it. I feel all grown-up organizing stuff like this. I hope you like it as much as I do. *wink*


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