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I’ve been called too many things by too many faceless people who think they got the best of be, some days they do.

But as I was maneuvering the twists and turns of my personal labyrinth,  I made a conscious decision to know myself better, make sense of my life, to take responsibilities, to challenge myself to do the things that frighten me and to find what I want to do until I’m old and gray. It led me here.

A decision.

I will not hide behind anonymity where I forget my morals to get a reaction out of people or a release from my stress-filled life. I’m gonna take responsibility for my beliefs, ones stripped of the noise from opinions other people impose on me. Let me start with one, no matter who you are, whoever you choose to love, whatever the color of your skin is, whatever your body type is, whether you’re a jock, a geek, a cheerleader or an artist, YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO BE YOU. DON’T LET SOCIETY TELL YOU OTHERWISE, ESPECIALLY NOT SOME BULLY OFF THE INTERNET WHO REMAINS ANONYMOUS.

by unanonymous


2 thoughts on “about the blog

    • passporttorainbows says:

      I haven’t seen a rainbow in months. It’s been a very humid summer here. I wish a could see one soon so I could take picture. 🙂

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