beach blues

Summers around the world vary, clearly. Don’t worry I won’t dork out this post by subtly discussing seasonal differences all over the world (although it’s very tempting). For me though, as soon as you can walk outside in one layer of clothes without feeling like you’re about to become the next flavor or Ben and Jerry’s, it’s summer!¬†Which means that right about now, I’m having those urges to frequent the beach or go on hikes or even book a spontaneous international flight (to Bali, maybe).

Are you having the same thoughts? Tell me all about it on the comments below. I’m planning to write another summer bucket list and must tries. Do you guys have anything in mind? To be honest, I wanna be super active and try new things this summer like water sports (surfing, wakeboarding)

1-Misibis Bay

or go on an unplanned road trip to somewhere I’ve never been before

and try local delicacies I’ve never seen or heard before (good luck tummy).

Whatever my summer plans (or the lack thereof) are, my goal is to live it and enjoy it. Come try it with me? *wink*


all my colors

Because I’m A.Relloso ūüôā¬†Thanks Photos from a Juanderer for featuring my poems and life quotes.

photos from a JUANderer

all my colors

Sail the world with all my colors.
Flaunt my shades and forget all the horrors.
Ride the waves, happy and free
Trust the gods that I am where I should be.


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summer for a 21-year old

The humidity in this country is beyond bearable. I found myself waking up in the middle of night, running to bathroom and taking a quick shower just to get through the next few hours without having a heat stroke. The only upside to this delirious experience is you can get creative as to how you spend the rest of the summer.

Here’s how I plan to enjoy mine.

  1. Get a natural tan by frequenting the beach . Cliche but summer is for  SWIMMING. Ladies, let those bikini bodies shine -or in my case maxi dress-covered body. 

    Suggested beaches: Caramoan, Calaguas, Atolayan and Aguirangan. They’re not as populated as Boracay but you will definitely admire the beaches and the natives.

  2. Time to catch up on my reading. I’m going to spend those lazy afternoons lounging as I read a paperback. Yeah yeah, I’m a geek. I already pre-ordered some of the books on my summer reading list.

     THE BEST OF ME, by Nicholas Sparks. Twenty-five years after their high school romance ended, a man and woman who have gone their separate ways return to their North Carolina town for the funeral of a friend.
     CALICO JOE, by John Grisham. In the summer of 1973, a fateful baseball play unites a dazzling rookie, a hard-partying and hard-throwing pitcher and the pitcher’s young son.
     NOW YOU SEE HER, by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge. Nina Bloom, a successful lawyer and loving mother who years ago changed her identity to save her life, is forced to confront the past and the killer she thought she had escaped.
    A GAME OF THRONES,¬†by George R. R. Martin. In the frozen wastes to the north of Winterfell, sinister and supernatural forces are mustering; Book 1 of “A Song of Ice and Fire.”
     DELUSION IN DEATH, by J. D. Robb. Lt. Eve Dallas tries to sort out the inexplicable events at a bar where, after 12 minutes of chaos, more than 80 people lay dead; by Nora Roberts, writing pseudonymously.
     THE LOST YEARS, by Mary Higgins Clark. A biblical scholar who made an amazing discovery is murdered, and it falls to his daughter to unravel the mystery behind his death.
     THE WANDERER, by Robyn Carr.  Hank Cooper inherits a beachfront property in Thunder Point, Ore., and finds himself with a community’s destiny in his hands.
     THE INNOCENT, by David Baldacci. When something about his latest mission seems wrong, the government assassin Will Robie refuses to kill. Now he’s a target himself.
     SEVERE CLEAR, by Stuart Woods. Stone Barrington travels to Bel-Air for the opening of a luxury hotel that, according to the N.S.A., may have attracted the attention of terrorists.
     DEFENDING JACOB, by William Landay. An assistant district attorney’s life is shaken when his shy 14-year-old son is accused of murder.


  3. Finally learn that Caribbean Seafood Pasta recipe. Nothing says summer like gorging on a really vibrant and lemony dish.
  4. Go on a spontaneous, absolutely no plans, one back pack adventure. It’s time to let loose and unleash the fun 21 year old I know is still in me.¬†
  5. Explore my creative side and take on a project that challenges my imagination. It could be that painting class I’ve been meaning to take since college or photography lessons with my dad and his friends or maybe just give in to the taunts of my sister regarding starting my own Wattpad account.
  6. Volunteer and give back. Now that the body, tummy and mind are all happy, it’s time to feed the heart. Find time to donate some clothes, help a beach clean-up, adopt a homeless pup or support social initiatives via your blog. Be creative, after all volunteering is never one note.

I remember when I was about 4, I spent my summer running around the front yard, picking mangoes which fell from the trees I climb, eating fried bananas and tagging along when my grandparents when visit the rice fields. That was my perfect summer. Now that I’m older and sadly incapable of climbing trees, my perfect summer is letting loose and creating a better version of myself .

What’s yours?

Whatever it is, make sure to have fun and enjoy the sun.


the first few pages of summer

In my previous entry I told you about how fun summer is (or should be for those who haven’t had their summer fun yet). Here are few of the pictures my dad, sister or I took over the course of the summer.




These were taken from the white sand beaches of Caramoan. Yup, the site used by Survivor Philippines and Survivor Caramoan hosted by Jeff Probst. Although the islands are already popular with the tourists, they’re not as crowded. You can definitely catch up on that divine summer tan without getting stepped on. Hate it when that happens. If you wanna get away from the comfort and luxury of your hotel room in Gota (one of the islands), you can opt to have lunch with the locals in one of the other islands. They’re very hospitable and you’ll definitely enjoy their company. It will be a unique cultural experience and a more sociable way to spend your summer.

For those who are wondering how to get there, there are a couple o f ways depending on which one you are most comfortable with. By plane, the closest airport from Manila is Naga City. The flight will take around an hour. From the airport, you can take a bus to Tigaon then a jeep going to Sangay. That will take around 2 hours depending on the number of stops the bus takes and the congestion of traffic. Some tourists prefer to take a cab straight to Sangay. It’s less hassle and it definitely shortens the travel time. From Sangay, you’ll take a bigger boat (bigger compared to the rest of the boats for island hopping) to Caramoan for about an hour.

According to my dad, since he’s been there so many times, you can also opt for a shorter sea travel time that’s via the Sabang route. It does however make your land travel time longer. If you can’t stand traveling by sea, this is a better option. There’s also the purely land travel option. It’s rough road all the way and it takes around 5 hours. You can either rent a van or transfer from one public¬†transportation to another. Again, that depends on your budget and preference.¬†I’ll research more about the other means to get there on my next visit.¬†(BTW, we did a couple of medical missions there before. The locals will really appreciate it if you can also help out while you chill out.)


¬†Caramoan is composed of a few islands, each one with its own charm.¬†You can visit other islands through this bangka (boat). You’ll have to the rent it for the whole day but it’s worth it. This boat‚Äôs driver¬†won’t only get you from point A to point B but you’ll hear so many stories about the islands as you travel. Good deal if you ask me.

the universe and I

Even before Paolo Coelho’s The Alchemist, I’ve heard many say that if something is yours the universe will conspire to give it to you. If that’s true then does the inverse of it also speak of the truth? If you’re not meant to be something, be with someone or travel somewhere, will the universe also work its magic for it not to happen?

Other than giving up to the forces which we cannot explain, there are 2 other ways to look at it.

If giving up was always an option, you won't have a life left to live.

If giving up was always an option, you won’t have a life left to live.

I can stand up and fight harder than everyone else to get what I want. Prove the universe wrong and persuade it to write me a different story or at least cut me some slack. Proving we deserve something is like exercise in the morning. It’s a painful habit to start and you may wiggle your way out of it for the first few weeks but if you’re determined to be healthier, you will work harder and stick to it. You are fully aware that the best option is the one you chose no matter how difficult the path may be and it will pay off. ¬† The pounds will be shed and the toned body will be revealed. You’ll be proud you stuck with it despite the difficulty.


I’ll take a hint and I’ll let life take me to where I’m supposed to go. Sooner or later I will find what it is that the universe is directing me toward. Maybe it’s not the corner office with a view, a new house in the suburbs, that perfect hot neighbor I’ve been eyeing but there is something that is reserved just for me. For the most part, we get so engrossed with our goals we forget why we have them to begin with. Why do I want that raise? Why do I want a new car? Why do I want fame and fans and glamour? Why do I keep a checklist of the perfect guy, the perfect kids and the perfect house? We have to slow down and listen. Listen to the universe and its hints and shoves towards the right direction because this may just be the world echoing what our inner voice has been telling us all along. We were just too busy to pay attention.

Listen or defy the universe, up to you. JUST TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH and find you happiness.

Listen or defy the universe, up to you. JUST TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH and find your happiness.