In life you meet people who absolutely just changes it. At first you can’t explain it, at times you don’t even know it happened but then you’ll realize your life isn’t the same anymore. It’s better. It has more meaning; YOU have more meaning. 

Today one of those people is celebrating his birthday and I wanted to take this opportunity to finally thank him because I don’t think he knows. I’ve never said it, not that I’ve never tried. I just don’t know how to because the influence he has made on me isn’t exactly tangible nor is it sudden. It was subtle. It compounded all throughout the years that I’ve known him.

a 4 year old picture of us

a 4 year old picture of us

Brent Lorenz Guiriba, you are one of the most creative, sincere and courageous people I know.

You did not only make me a better debater, a better writer and a better friend but also someone who is brave enough to keep trying even when life keeps dropping the worst possible chapters. This past year has been the absolute worst of my life but your stories kept pushing me to fight harder and to continue to appreciate what I have rather than focusing on what I don’t have anymore. I know you may not be doing it on purpose but you helped me, thanks B.

Happy happy happy happy birthday B.

I wish you the absolute best in every aspect of your life especially your health. Know that even if my faith is not as strong, I pray for you everyday. Love you B.


BTW, he too is an amazing fashion and lifestyle blogger. If you’d like to subscribe to his blog here’s the site: