a #dearme poetry

Because I know that 16-year old me will not appreciate a narrative advice from a 23-year old,

I wrote a poem that she’ll most likely pretend to brush off (but go back to when the lights are off).

So #dearme at 16,
you dearme copy

in support of Pugad Baboy

Pugad Baboy Comics is one of the literary institutions in the Philippines that presents social issues plaguing the country in a satirical and more appealing way. For years, it has successfully targeted dictatorships, corrupt politicians, illogical beliefs and smothering policies through its witty comic strips and not once has Philippine Daily Inquirer (the news paper that prints it) has ever apologized to anyone the artist may have offended.

Credits to PDI for this photo

However after receiving negative remarks from St. Scholastica and other all-girl universities for the comic strip above, PDI quickly apologized and suspended Pol Medina. A few days later, Pol decided to resign from the news paper. Many artists condoned the action taken by the news paper and some even lashed out on the conservatism the Catholic schools are showing towards the freedoms of artists.

My thoughts:

(On nuns consenting to homosexual behavior) I don’t think nuns consent to it however there was really little they could do. They couldn’t really expel students on the basis of being a homosexual. This I know coming from an all girl, extremely conservative Catholic school.

(On how the parties are reacting) St. Scho has the right to react a certain way considering it was singled out and the claims were contrary to their image and stance. Imagine nuns being portrayed as hypocrites then indirect advocates of homosexuality.

However, taking it out on the writer is unreasonable. He too reserves the right to think a certain way. That’s how society works. That’s how media works. We can’t condemn people because they offend someone especially considering the nature of his pieces. They’re satires for crying out loud. They’re supposed to be offensive, they’re supposed to disturb you and make you think.

Nota Bene

To Pol Medina, please don’t stop drawing and writing because you are an important Philippine artist and a unique voice that speaks to people like me who prefer a creative, witty and humorous take on life’s harsh realities.