here’s to the 100th

I’m notorious for pushing myself to do the things I fear the most like

walking on a thin wire 50 feet off the ground,

public debates,

jumping off high places,

standing firm during confrontations


starting a blog.

I haven’t been writing for while before I started this blog. There was just too much happening to find time to sit down and just write so I seldom did. I can’t even begin to describe how scared I was right before I hit that first publish button. After that, I realized I needed this. I needed to write again because there’s just too much noise suppressed, unexpressed on my mind.

This blog became my outlet, one which constantly reminds me that good things come to those who aren’t crippled by fear. Had I not started this blog, I would still be imagining the day when I could be brave enough to write again and to actually have people read it. Now here I am, already on post number 100 (YEY ME! *insert applause here*) happy and proud I had the guts to sign up for this.

My advice to those who are at a crossroads, deciding which road to take, don’t shy away from the road that challenges you to be better no matter how frightening it seems. The pay off is always worth it.