For the lonely souls obsessed with ice cream

There’s nothing much about today that I find interesting, but for some reason I wanted to write. Has that ever happened to you before?



Does that mean I’m lonely?

Or illogical?

Perhaps I’m just delayed on my period again and my hormones are going mad.

Here’s my point in this completely random entry. Sometimes the things that make us feel better don’t make much sense. I mean, I don’t get why anyone want chocolates when they sad – apart from the biological reason – or why driving around makes someone think clearer. I can only speak for what makes me happier or, at least, feel a little less like a menopausal 24-year old.

I need to write.

What’s your pint of ice cream or box pizza when you feel unusually down?


over a sundae

We know the drill all too well. We get dumped (or we dump him), passed for a promotion, feeling like a drag or in a rut, or practically any depressing, tormenting, disgusting or heartbreaking milestone we go through, we run to our best friend. Nope, not the one who shares our clothes and eats half our sandwich but that sweet, refreshing, mouth-watering and creamy goodness- the sundae complete with chocolate fudge and sprinkles.

I, personally, am not a big sweets fan but you already know that from the countless times I mentioned it in the entries prior. I do, however, make an exception for my friends and cousins who fancy a cone. A few days ago, while I was visiting my aunt at St. Luke’s hospital (She’s fine, worry not!) my cousin asked me to hang out an have a talk over ice cream.

And that we did!

with chelsea

It wasn’t one of those heavy, tearful conversations, in fact it was light and playful. It was exactly what I needed at that moment, a pick-me-up on a rather dull day. We talked about our plans, where we’d be in a few years, relationships, music, clothes, celebrities and family. EVERYTHING. It was organic and easy.

Whatever the nature of those conversations are, it should remind us that being open, talking to someone is an important human connection we all need to have. We need someone to listen to our problems, no matter how petty (yes that includes how annoyed you are about a fellow commuter talking OH SO LOUDLY ON THE PHONE when you’re trying to nap) or huge they are. We long for a friend who cares enough to ask us how our day was, what we wanna do tomorrow or who we wanna be 5 years from now.

It matters. You’re not self centered just because you want someone to care. 

And by the way, it means you too should be thoughtful enough to ask and care enough to listen. Their stories are as important as yours so savor them as much, if not more than you enjoy that sundae.

You know I realized it might not be the sundae that makes us feel better, it may be the company that comes with it