by her side (a poem by the 12 year old me)

Disclaimer: Before anyone gets the funny idea that I’ve crossed over to the hopeless romantic, can’t eat, can’t sleep, truly, madly, deeply inlove side, let me crush those hopes with the sad truth that I am still the rational, calculating, priorities first kinda girl who does a little flirting on the side. We all need a little flirting right?. *winks* This poem was from when I was 12. I have no idea who I wrote it for or why because as I remember I discovered the word crush in high school.

I found it extremely amusing though so here goes.

By Her Side (the 12 year old me)

Falling for you makes me wonder,

how everyday your smile makes me fonder,

how I can think of a thousand words to say

but around you I seem to fade away.

I know you like her, I can see.

Don’t worry I’m not asking for sympathy.

I just don’t understand why it still hurts me

knowing that she makes you so happy.

I just hope and pray she’ll love you

the way I’ve always wanted to.

But if she ever makes you cry,

I’ll be by your side to wipe you tears dry.


when you’re not the exception

*Hi! So I was cleaning up my Facebook account when I read some of my old notes from way back when I could still squeal about romance and stuff, and thought it would be fun to post it here. It’s just to remind me that I once was or maybe still is (deep down- I mean really really deep, way down there) a hopeless romantic. 

** You might wanna check Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo’s He’s Just Not That Into You. This old note of mine reminds me of that book.

Is it enough to save the friendship and give up any chance to pursue my own happiness?


I walked alone that night thinking I had to think things through. From afar I could hear your faint calls to ask me to stop so you could keep up. I pretended not to notice, the same way I pretended not to notice the way I felt all these years. When you finally caught up with me, I felt my heart change its usual rhythm, the way it always does when you’re around.

You didn’t have to say anything, I already knew.

You found your exception.

That exception that you always said would make you a better man, a happy man.

She’s your exception

and I’ll be the girl who is be happy for you from afar.