beach blues

Summers around the world vary, clearly. Don’t worry I won’t dork out this post by subtly discussing seasonal differences all over the world (although it’s very tempting). For me though, as soon as you can walk outside in one layer of clothes without feeling like you’re about to become the next flavor or Ben and Jerry’s, it’s summer! Which means that right about now, I’m having those urges to frequent the beach or go on hikes or even book a spontaneous international flight (to Bali, maybe).

Are you having the same thoughts? Tell me all about it on the comments below. I’m planning to write another summer bucket list and must tries. Do you guys have anything in mind? To be honest, I wanna be super active and try new things this summer like water sports (surfing, wakeboarding)

1-Misibis Bay

or go on an unplanned road trip to somewhere I’ve never been before

and try local delicacies I’ve never seen or heard before (good luck tummy).

Whatever my summer plans (or the lack thereof) are, my goal is to live it and enjoy it. Come try it with me? *wink*


the first few pages of summer

In my previous entry I told you about how fun summer is (or should be for those who haven’t had their summer fun yet). Here are few of the pictures my dad, sister or I took over the course of the summer.




These were taken from the white sand beaches of Caramoan. Yup, the site used by Survivor Philippines and Survivor Caramoan hosted by Jeff Probst. Although the islands are already popular with the tourists, they’re not as crowded. You can definitely catch up on that divine summer tan without getting stepped on. Hate it when that happens. If you wanna get away from the comfort and luxury of your hotel room in Gota (one of the islands), you can opt to have lunch with the locals in one of the other islands. They’re very hospitable and you’ll definitely enjoy their company. It will be a unique cultural experience and a more sociable way to spend your summer.

For those who are wondering how to get there, there are a couple o f ways depending on which one you are most comfortable with. By plane, the closest airport from Manila is Naga City. The flight will take around an hour. From the airport, you can take a bus to Tigaon then a jeep going to Sangay. That will take around 2 hours depending on the number of stops the bus takes and the congestion of traffic. Some tourists prefer to take a cab straight to Sangay. It’s less hassle and it definitely shortens the travel time. From Sangay, you’ll take a bigger boat (bigger compared to the rest of the boats for island hopping) to Caramoan for about an hour.

According to my dad, since he’s been there so many times, you can also opt for a shorter sea travel time that’s via the Sabang route. It does however make your land travel time longer. If you can’t stand traveling by sea, this is a better option. There’s also the purely land travel option. It’s rough road all the way and it takes around 5 hours. You can either rent a van or transfer from one public transportation to another. Again, that depends on your budget and preference. I’ll research more about the other means to get there on my next visit. (BTW, we did a couple of medical missions there before. The locals will really appreciate it if you can also help out while you chill out.)


 Caramoan is composed of a few islands, each one with its own charm. You can visit other islands through this bangka (boat). You’ll have to the rent it for the whole day but it’s worth it. This boat’s driver won’t only get you from point A to point B but you’ll hear so many stories about the islands as you travel. Good deal if you ask me.

what I really meant

When I said I wanted to watch shooting stars race to fall,

I meant I hope I could wish on one so I could have you.

When I said I’d be adventurous enough to try bungee jumping,

I meant I won’t be scared if I’d do it with you.

When I asked you to drive around with me for hours,

I meant I really wanna spend time with you, just you.

When I told you my favorite song,

I meant I wish you’d sing it for me.

When I shared how embarrassing it would be to dance in front of a crowd,

I meant dance with me and I won’t even notice them.

When I opened up to you,

I meant I trust you. Please trust me too.

When I whispered to you that I’ve been hurt a lot.

I meant I hope you won’t.