my new normal

Have you guys seen or heard of the show The New Normal? The show features Bryan and David, a couple who hired Goldie to be their surrogate. On the surface, it’s a humorous take on the rigors of surrogacy and gay couples in the 21st century. However for people like me who are absolutely in love with the show, we see much depth to the story. The New Normal is an unfolding of the simplicity of love and the much greater value of family and how everyone has a right to it.

These days we argue on rights and eroding morals, we forget that the most important thing is allowing people the right to love and be loved, no matter who (or in this case what gender) the subject of their affections might be. We don’t call a family a family because there are N number of children and there’s a mom and a dad. We call it a family because there is genuine celebration of love. It’s that simple.


Like many people, I am caught in between the morals of my Church, the standards of this society and the love I feel for those who cannot fit into those standards. Maybe this is the irrational, human side of me talking for a change, saying that I hope you’d open your eyes more and in turn your heart to those who aren’t necessarily “NORMAL” for you. Remember women, African- Americans, Jews and many other groups were once treated the same but now accorded the same rights everyone else has. It’s because every day we choose what we treat to be normal and acceptable. The universality of LOVE and all its manifestations may just be the NEW NORMAL.

Like Goldie says, a family is a family, and love is love.