here’s to GAY RIGHTS


Ad by Stonewall, a gay rights campaign group

I am not shy nor reluctant about my stand on gay rights. I believe that respect is due to this sector as they pursue and demand for the rights they so rightfully deserve.

Most critics would say that destruction of traditional morals start when we accept changes that do not agree with the norm. I do think, however, that we, as rational human beings, should be capable of assessing which of these beliefs are worth keeping and which are fossilized errors worth reviewing. Once, women were accorded with much lesser rights than men. This fosters the then accepted patriarchal idealism. Men are better. Men rule. Men are important therefore we women have no say in matters that are as important as men. We can’t vote, have political inclinations, be sexually satisfied or be powerful in the workplace as these offend the rights and in my opinion the ego  of pre-gender equality men.

Gay rights are human rights.

Today, we support feminism and its consequences like affirmative action in the workplace and shared responsibilities at home. Society accepts that although men and women have different niches and functions in the society, they are to be considered equal and therefore, awarded the same rights and ability to pursue them. The errors of the past were corrected by a more progressive and open-minded community of individuals who are not afraid of deviating from a set of accepted norms to find better ways of looking at things, ones which are fairer and more respectful of our shared humanity.

The same principle applies to offering the same level of respect for the orientation of our brothers and sisters in the LGBT community. Beliefs and traditions are time-bound and should continue to progress as the humanity that abides by it also progresses. Although I do not wish to offend the traditional moral institutions and lobbyist groups which believe in eternal damnation for this sector, I hope that you recognize that the respect you require of us in terms of honoring tradition is the same respect required of you for the change in society that supports gay rights.

We have seen the effects of bullying gays into becoming something else, not respecting them and stripping them of their rights to be with their partners. It’s never going to get better. The mudslinging and hate will continue unless the we decide that it ends now, unless we promise to foster respect despite our opposing beliefs. We can agree to disagree, refuse each others belief without the hate and obvious disregard for the other’s dignity.

Some people are gay.Get over it. 

As for the population of this world who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual and everything in between, hang in there. Change comes with opposing views, thesis and anti thesis. Sooner than later, more people will realize that you guys, like women, also deserve to be treated respectfully, equally and humanely. Until that time, know that you have at least one supporter right here who promises to press on and support you.


my new normal

Have you guys seen or heard of the show The New Normal? The show features Bryan and David, a couple who hired Goldie to be their surrogate. On the surface, it’s a humorous take on the rigors of surrogacy and gay couples in the 21st century. However for people like me who are absolutely in love with the show, we see much depth to the story. The New Normal is an unfolding of the simplicity of love and the much greater value of family and how everyone has a right to it.

These days we argue on rights and eroding morals, we forget that the most important thing is allowing people the right to love and be loved, no matter who (or in this case what gender) the subject of their affections might be. We don’t call a family a family because there are N number of children and there’s a mom and a dad. We call it a family because there is genuine celebration of love. It’s that simple.


Like many people, I am caught in between the morals of my Church, the standards of this society and the love I feel for those who cannot fit into those standards. Maybe this is the irrational, human side of me talking for a change, saying that I hope you’d open your eyes more and in turn your heart to those who aren’t necessarily “NORMAL” for you. Remember women, African- Americans, Jews and many other groups were once treated the same but now accorded the same rights everyone else has. It’s because every day we choose what we treat to be normal and acceptable. The universality of LOVE and all its manifestations may just be the NEW NORMAL.

Like Goldie says, a family is a family, and love is love.