the universe and I

Even before Paolo Coelho’s The Alchemist, I’ve heard many say that if something is yours the universe will conspire to give it to you. If that’s true then does the inverse of it also speak of the truth? If you’re not meant to be something, be with someone or travel somewhere, will the universe also work its magic for it not to happen?

Other than giving up to the forces which we cannot explain, there are 2 other ways to look at it.

If giving up was always an option, you won't have a life left to live.

If giving up was always an option, you won’t have a life left to live.

I can stand up and fight harder than everyone else to get what I want. Prove the universe wrong and persuade it to write me a different story or at least cut me some slack. Proving we deserve something is like exercise in the morning. It’s a painful habit to start and you may wiggle your way out of it for the first few weeks but if you’re determined to be healthier, you will work harder and stick to it. You are fully aware that the best option is the one you chose no matter how difficult the path may be and it will pay off.   The pounds will be shed and the toned body will be revealed. You’ll be proud you stuck with it despite the difficulty.


I’ll take a hint and I’ll let life take me to where I’m supposed to go. Sooner or later I will find what it is that the universe is directing me toward. Maybe it’s not the corner office with a view, a new house in the suburbs, that perfect hot neighbor I’ve been eyeing but there is something that is reserved just for me. For the most part, we get so engrossed with our goals we forget why we have them to begin with. Why do I want that raise? Why do I want a new car? Why do I want fame and fans and glamour? Why do I keep a checklist of the perfect guy, the perfect kids and the perfect house? We have to slow down and listen. Listen to the universe and its hints and shoves towards the right direction because this may just be the world echoing what our inner voice has been telling us all along. We were just too busy to pay attention.

Listen or defy the universe, up to you. JUST TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH and find you happiness.

Listen or defy the universe, up to you. JUST TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH and find your happiness.