a fangirl’s salute to the Lord of All Fandoms: Christopher Lee

I was supposed to blog about anything #PrideMonth related for a few more weeks, but I want (well, need) to interrupt it for a much called for farewell to Christopher Lee. To most Middle Earth fans like me, he gave life to Saruman – the white wizard who turned to Sauron when he feared the battle for good is lost. He was the man who gladly admitted to reading Lord Of The Rings once a year, and who vowed that if there ever was a movie made of them, that he would volunteer for any role.

He willingly accepted the label of a fan.

It’s reassuring that in a world where ‘fangirls’ are getting a bad rep, there are still people like him (known and respected at that) who would raise his┬áhand and say he’s a fan proudly. To our younger readers and lovers of new world made true my books or movies, let legacy remind you to never fear to show how much you love something.┬áThere’s no shame in that.